Educations Importance or Education in Todays World or Public Schools vs Private Schools

In today’s world what does education mean? Is it just a status symbol, or just feeding your ego, or is it just a way to tell others that we are superior to those who didn’t have the chance to study what we did?

In a parent’s case is it just to see your kids fulfill your dreams , the dreams that you for some reason weren’t able to accomplish. Then making them love that thing by mentiong that certain career over and over again in context to them such that they think that they want to do it. Make them get the education that the parents want them to get.

Then comes the schooling. What is the concept of the public schools not being good enough as compared to the private school? When you see someone who has studied in a private school and asked what school did you go to? It’s always going to be answered with a huffy attitude “oh I went to a private school”, like it matters … really ? In contrast, when you ask a public school kid what school do you study in you would always see a slightly sorry look like they were deprived of something so immensely wondrous…. does it really matter? Does what school you go to affect how you grow up and what you grow up to be? Does education come down to the school that you go to and not the quality of education that you get?

Education is a self enlightening process. How it starts, where it starts are not the questions that should be asked, what you make out of it is what should be asked. I sometimes wonder whether education is that important as we make it to be? Can education really do wonders? Can it really turn an imbecile into a genius? Or does it just simply refine the diamonds that are there already? If that is the case then what about the people that dont have that high an intellect, where do they stand? What happens to those people who can’t?

Is education an important asset in a humans growing process? It’s a question that a child asks his parents every day before getting out of bed in a grumpy mood. I think education today is there just so that you have a piece of paper saying that you have completed a certain course in a certain amount of years. It cannot possibly ever tell you that the person really is an intellect or is it just a talent of root learning? How do we know when we have the brightest star amongst us or the dumbest bird with other great talents ?