Essential School Supplies Top the List for Middle School

For parents with middle school students heading back to school, purchasing school supplies has changed from when the child was in elementary school. Gone are the lists containing items such a tissues and glue. Now as middle school students, it is time to branch out into the pre-high school supplies.

Writing utensils

The vast majority of middle school students use mechanical pencils for their school work. While it may be tempting to purchase a better quality mechanical pencil and then refill it with lead, it is better to buy the less expensive multi-pack disposable pencils. Middle school students often leave their writing utensils behind, drop them from their lockers, or loan them to friends. As a result, that expensive mechanical pencil may be lost in a short amount of time. Instead purchase a multi-pack set that will last a long time and if the child loses it, it is no real problem. Usually purchase a pack of blue or black pens and at least one red pen for checking.

Combination notebook

While it may be that teachers may want a separate notebook for each class, one of the best items to purchase instead is a combination notebook. With the purchase of this item, a notebook will be 200 pages and will be divided into sections. Each section has a folder area to place papers. This is convenient for students because they always have the correct notebook when they begin the process of changing classrooms. It also provides the student with organization.

USB Drive

An essential addition to the supplies from years ago is the purchase of a USB drive. This will allow the child to work on writing and projects at school and then transfer the work to home for completion. Purchase a larger memory such as 8 GB so that the USB drive will continue to have enough capacity so the student can use it when there is a transition to high school.


It is important to consult the school about the appropriate calculator to purchase. Usually schools want one with a few less bells and whistles than the ones used at the high school. Commonly schools specify one of the Texas Instruments models.

Quality backpack

When a child reaches middle school, it is important to invest in a quality backpack. Look for one that has a leather bottom and quality construction. There should be significant padding on the shoulder straps so the weight of the bag does not strain the back of the student. The leather bottom of the bag will resist fraying and tearing when larger and heavier books are being carried around by the middle school student.


Middle school students begin to transition to having multiple teachers and classrooms. Purchasing a planner is important for middle school students to keep track of assignments and deadlines. Middle school students who use a planner are more likely to complete their assignments.

Purchasing the essential school supplies for middle school students is a little more grown up, but with the correct supplies the students are ready to be more independent in their educations.