Examples of Great Male Role Models for Teenagers

Even though teenagers constantly rebel against their parents, their teachers, and all other institutions of authority, they nevertheless look to others for guidance and need strong role models to help encourage them and provide them guidance. While MTV, the news media, and Hollywood may want to shape the way teenagers think and influence their thought patterns, there are a number of ordinary male role models that can be great influences on teenagers. These role models surround teenagers every day, and are a beneficial resource if utilized.

Male Teachers

Male teachers can be great role models for teachers. They have the capacity to maintain authority when necessary, but also inspire students to pursue their dreams. A male teacher can show male students that they too have the capacity to enter the teaching profession, and help shape young minds.


Even though children often tell their parents that they hate them, children are nevertheless shaped by the parents that raised them. A father figure is especially important for a developing teenager. Fathers can provide a positive role model of how to navigate the adult world around them. Fathers can set boundaries, offer tough love, provide positive encouragement, and even teach their sons and daughters how to drive and get their licenses.


What is more heroic than a man who rushes into a burning building to save women and children? All chivalrous images aside, a fireman is a great male role model that can set a positive example for teenagers. Firemen work hard and risk their lives, all to protect the citizens of the United States of America. While people may get angry at cops for writing them tickets, no one is angry when a fireman saves a cat from a tree or an old lady from a burning building.


Marines take the motto protect and serve literally, risking their lives for the sake of the country. Male marines exemplify physical strength and courage, a great role model for teenagers. Plus, joining the marines or another branch of armed services through the Reserve Officer Training Corps provides a pathway for college to students that otherwise might not get that opportunity. 

There are a number of great male role models out there for teenagers, with many of them close to home. While teenagers navigate the social and academic world of growing up, these are just a few of the great male role models that teenagers can look to for guidance.