First Day of School Advice for Parents

A star on the calendar lets you know it is almost here, the first day of school. Whether you are looking forward to the event of the day or not, it represents a break in your daily routine. What can you do to make sure everything runs smoothly? Here are a few pointers to help you make the day the best it can be.

Every plan of action, going to battle or going to school, starts well before the first day if it is to be a success. Start with the school. Find out about its expectations. Get a school list and make sure your child has everything on the list before he or she heads out the door. If your income is low, start shopping early to guarantee that your child will have whatever may be needed. Don’t pick and choose from the supply list. Get it all.

Before you do back-to-school clothes shopping, check out the school’s dress code, especially if this your child is changing schools. Not only will this save your from buying unnecessary clothing items, it will guarantee your child will fit it better with the other students.

Learn about the lunch program. Determine, ahead of time, if your child will be able to eat the lunches provided by the school. This is especially important if your child is a vegetarian or has a problem, like ADD, that may be affected by the food that is eaten. If you feel the school lunches fit your needs, find out the price and set that money aside. If they won’t work, plan to shop a few days before the first day of school and buy enough lunch items for the week.

Know the transportation mode of your child. If your child is going to ride the bus check on the times and locations of the bus stop. Decide if your child is mature enough to wait at the stop alone. If not, plan to or arrange for someone else to wait with your child.

Now that you have done all your “homework”, have your child pack the backpack the night before school begins. Have them pick out the clothing they plan to wear and place it on a chair or dresser in their room. Make sure this includes the illusive socks and shoes they will need. If you are making their meals at home have them choose what they want for lunch. When possible, fix it the night before but, if you can’t pre-make it, your child or you will know what needs to be done the next morning.

Be aware of your child’s morning habits and set the alarm clock accordingly. Each child should have his or her own alarm clock. Get up with plenty of time to avoid the morning rush feeling. An important event for this morning is to fix your child a wholesome, tasty breakfast to start the day and improve your child’s possibilities for school success. Remember that mid-morning snacks may no longer be available.

The last thing you need to consider about the first day of school is your child’s homecoming. They need to know what is expected of them. A wise parent will have a study period some time after school from the very first day, again, to improve the child’s chances of success.

Establish your school routine on the first day of school. You will have an entire year to enjoy the fruits of your labor.