First Day of School School Clothes Teachers and first Day what not to Wear Dress

Whether you are a teacher or a student, there are still certain times and places for specific outfits to be worn; and, since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, your first day of school outfit should be a reflection of your character as well as your individual style and taste.


Teachers, when you choose what to wear on the first day of school, keep one thing in mind. If there is even the slightest chance that the clothes you wear on the first day might allow you to be confused for a student, then you probably should not wear them. If a parent walks in to your classroom and cannot immediately tell that you are the responsible adult in charge because you are wearing clothes that were designer for teenagers, then you should rethink your selection.

Professional attire breeds professionalism in manner and speech. While blue jeans might be fine for a dress down Friday or a Pep Rally, you might not want to wear them on the first day of school. We, like our students, never get a second chance to make that all important first impression that will leave our students thinking that you are either a teen wannabe or a well educated adult who makes the classroom a safe place for everyone.


I hate to break the news, but there is nothing uglier, nor more inappropriate than big fuzzy mukluk boots and shorts in the middle of the summer. Please, for the sake of your own dignity, leave the boots at home until it snows. For those ladies who feel it is necessary to wear as little clothing as possible on the first day in order to make a statement, be sure that what your are wearing is really what you want people to say about you.

Scant clothing says one thing: Look at ME! This is never a good way to get attention because boys will never see past the outward appearance to the beauty that is within.

Boys should refrain from the baggy pants that hang down to the knees. In addition to being a health hazard should you fall, it sends a message that you might not be able to afford a belt.

No matter what you choose to wear on day one, let one thing be your guide. If a scandal were to erupt in your classroom that first day and a news crew came into your room, would your appearance and clothes try you in the court of public opinion? If so, then you might want to choose a new outfit because in this day and age, we must all plan for the unexpected.