Five different Types of Male Role Models for Teenagers

As teenagers are exposed to more and more negative and potentially harmful people, situations, and media, the need for positive role models grows.  In particular, male role models provide teenagers with a strong image of how a man should conduct himself in the world around him.  While male role models come in all different shapes, sizes, and walks of life, there are five different types of male role models teenagers typically look up to for guidance and encouragement.  The five types are:

1.   Fathers

One of the most important figures in a teenager’s life is his or her father.  According to the Group, teenagers look to relatives as their primary source of influence.   Fathers, as a result, play one of the greatest roles in the development process of a teenager.  A driven, loving, positive, and supportive father can make all the difference in the world for a teenager striving to understand who they are in the world.  Likewise, a negative, abusive, and spiteful father can wreck a teenager for life.

2.   Pro Athletes

Athletes are a natural draw for teenagers because of their amazing talents and accomplishments.  For example, American cyclist Lance Armstrong overcame cancer to become one of the greatest cyclists of all time, winning numerous championships and accolades.  Teens can look to pro athletes like Armstrong and find the motivation to go out and achieve greatness in their own ways.

3.   Superheroes

Superheroes can be wonderful role models for teenagers.  Male superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, and Batman all provide teens with a sense of duty, goodness, and the idea that anybody can rise up to greatness.  Often, people see a little bit of themselves in superheroes, and it certainly is true for teenagers.

4.   Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Great inventors and entrepreneurs, like Thomas Edison, create a sense of awe and wonder in teenagers.  They allow the question, “What could be?” to be a reality.  The stories of how certain products, ideas, and businesses come to be are often inspiring, leading many teens towards career full of hope and imagination. 

5.   Everyday Heroes (Firefighters, Soldiers, Police Officers, etc.)

Finally, everyday heroes, the people who go out and risk their lives daily with little to no recognition are wonderful role models.  Teens can look up to these men for their willingness to give up everything to ensure public safety.  People like Stackpole, a New York City firefighter who died going into the World Trade Center on 9/11, show that you do not have to be famous to be a hero.