Fun Ways to Embark on Learning with your Children during the Summer Months

Summer vacation has finally arrived. Kids all around the globe look forward to this time all year round. Yet, studies have shown that a high majority of the world’s youth today suffer from learning loss during the summer months. Research has shown that today’s teachers spend the first four to six weeks once school has started, re-teaching covered material, that the students have forgotten during the summer months.

There are many options available within your own community to keep your children learning over the summer. Something as simple as reading your local newspaper can be beneficial to both you and your children. Within every community there are listings of community funded summer programs for children, which involve activities such as sports, crafts, field trips and swimming. In addition to this there are also summer writing camps. Your local performing arts center should have programs that consist of singing, dancing and script reading as well.

Frequent visits to your local library is a brilliant way to encourage the love of reading. Your local librarian should have age appropriate and grade level suggestions for current and upcoming events, plus point them in the right direction towards fundamental books that will keep your children’s wits snapping.

Allow them to surf your parent approved, safe internet sites. For example, if you are planning a road trip over the summer, this can also be a learning opportunity for the kids. Excite your children about where you will be visiting and encourage them to check it out for themselves. They could conduct their own research on the adventure to and from your vacation destination. They could see the activities your vacation area has to offer and even plan some of their own. Even if you are staying in town during the summer, your children can still embark on a virtual vacation of their own. They can check out some possible vacation areas, and research the activities, without ever leaving home.

Taking your children places that you normally wouldn’t visit during the school year, can also be a learning experience for them. Visiting museums, aquariums, zoos and parks is not only fun, but the children have much knowledge to gain from them as well. Insist upon them keeping a journal of their experiences and activities during the summer months, and even sharing them with friends and family via email, which will help them develop their writing skills.

Keep your children motivated by challenging them to a few math problems a week, and encourage them to read at least one chapter in an amusement book during the week as well. Keeping it simple and creative will allow your child to have fun while learning along the way.

The summer months are a great opportunity for us parents to keep our children’s brain accelerated, while keeping their bodies moving as well. Keep it simple and exciting. Allow the children to pick out their own books to read, and internet sites to research, upon your approval of course. Learning unaided or as part of an organized group, will keep your children from experiencing learning loss and have them razor-sharp; ready to face the upcoming school year.

Just remember, summer is also a time for recreation and their time to just be a kid. With everything available these days, there are ways to combine fun with learning. Take learning along with you and your children no matter where you may end up, and over all; just have fun with it.