Guide to Find Work for Student Teachers

For student teachers who are having difficulty finding a job there are ways to make yourself look more desirable to an employer by remembering how to implement the tools at your disposal. You will also need to have a very determined personality because you may fail to realize that although a job opening may be available it does not necessarily make it yours. The world does not revolve around your qualifications despite the fact that is what you want the employer to think.

In all things job related the personal computer or laptop can be your most important tool because you can email resumes, pursue job openings, file job applications, and research the school or business you are trying to get a job at. You will need a steady  Internet connection available at all hours of the day since your going to want to be putting in at least fifty job applications at a time. The Internet gives you a way to simplify things further by posting your resume on a respectable career site like

A land line phone or cell phone is also useful as you cant seriously expect every employer to contact you by email alone. Cold calling the schools you applied to is effective at times but should not be done to the point of over kill, not to mention that employers typically detest unsolicited calls from job seekers.

The other thing you will need is a car and the ability to drive it yourself since your going to have to go on a vast number of interviews to get a job no matter what your qualifications or perceived qualifications are.

Aside from tools and the ability to get from point A to point B in a timely fashion is your frame of mind in dealing with job applications, resumes, and interviews. Never lie on a job application or during the interview process because the employer in this case will do a background check and you will only succeed in making yourself out to be a fraud. Having a printer is a very good idea or even access to library printers because your resume will need to be typed and you should never submit a hand written resume because it will make you appear to be computer illiterate. 

When you are in an interview the first impression is everything and can be as simple as maintaining eye contact while being interviewed as this is a  guarantee your giving the individual your undivided attention during the process and always sticking to what your job application and resume says as they need to match what your telling the person giving the interview.

If after all this work still is elusive to you the only thing that can be done is to adapt and weather the storm until a suitable opening does become available because let us face the reality of the situation. Most employers are receiving fifty to one hundred applications for a single position and there is always someone out there more skilled than you. The key is applying your skills in such a way as to make money in the mean time by maybe tutoring or even giving paid music lessons.