Help Kids Adjust to going Back to School

One of the hardest things for children to get used to when going back to school is the timing and having to pay attention all over again. No more “later, mom, it’s the holidays!”. They will, all of a sudden, and none to their pleasure, have to start getting up at 6:30 in the morning, or earlier again. And, they will need to be attentive right through until 3:30 pm, or later, depending upon their school’s hours, bus schedules, and whether they have any study periods, sports or academic teams after school. Getting your child used to the early rising, along with staying alert all day, prior to their first day of school will help them immensely. But, how, you may ask, could this be done without brainwashing or a visit to the pharmacy?

Getting a child to change their daily routines should not be all that hard. Remember when they left school in the Spring, and all of a sudden they were not getting up until 10:00 am or later? That quick and sudden change can be made in the opposite time direction just as easily. Have your school kids start waking up and living by the school year’s time schedule. Include the school year’s times for all meals, especially breakfast and lunch, at least 10 days to 2 weeks prior to school starting. However, it’s staying alert and attentive that you will most likely have to spend more time at, in order to help your kids adjust to the school hours and demands, and to prioritize their free time properly.

Helping your kids to adjust to going back to school can be a demanding quest, especially if they have been playing Quest all day long, and Halo all night long during their holidays. If the kids have been rather sedimentary, or looked like big rocks glued to couches all Summer long, then getting them ready for the active school weeks to come may be a harder adjustment than for the active, sports playing students. Try enrolling your kids in Summer camps for mid-August, as the time lines and activity levels will be comparable to the first few weeks of school. Once a kid has gone through three or four weeks of the school’s schedules and demands, they should be acclimated to the rigors of their school’s schedule.

For younger kids, kindergarten through grades 7 to 8, you may want to have them do at least one hour’s worth of school work that is on their list of subjects for the coming year for each school day. Even high school kids can get a jump on their upcoming school year by learning as much as possible about the subjects that they are weakest in on their schedules.

Playing on a summer sporting league is always great for all children, but if the league runs into the Labour Day Weekend, they may not be very attentive for the first week or so of school. But that first week is usually just a recap of what they learned the year before, so have them study up on what they did learn the year before, before heading back to school.

This should help your kids adjust to going back to school, and now, it’s time to work on you!