Hot Back to School Supplies

For most children across the United States, it’s back to school time. This may be a dreaded time for both students and their parents, especially since parents have to find great bargains and deals. But, since every child should be prepared to start learning when the time comes, some “hot” school supplies should be considered:

1. Graphing calculator

For those in advanced math classes, a graphing calculator is a must. The most widely-used graphing calculator is manufactured by Texas Instruments (TI). If you find a really good sale at an office supplies store or even at your local superstore, you can purchase an advanced graphing calculator for less than $100. You can even find used ones online. Don’t forget to buy used; it will save you the most money!

2. Pens/pencils/erasers

Every child needs his or her set of pens and pencils. Your child should not count on others and borrowing others’ pencils and pens. Not everyone will be friendly or generous every time, so it’s important that your child goes to school prepared everyday. Purchase pens in a bulk pack. Purchase both mechanical and traditional wood pencils. Don’t forget extra erasers, lead for the mechanical pencils, and pencil sharpeners.

3. Notebooks, binders, loose-leaf paper

Every student needs to have at least two binders (one big and one small) as well as a few notebooks. It’s preferable to have one notebook per class. The big binder should keep track of all past assignments, while the small binder is great for a class that requires really good organization. You can alternatively have one binder for each class, too. Get these items while sales for back-to-school are going on. Later on during the school year you will find that these items have gotten more expensive. Having loose-leaf paper is good for assignments that need to be written and turned in.

4. Backpacks

If your child’s backpack has gotten its fair share of wear and tear, you might consider purchasing a new backpack at this time. Again, purchase a backpack during back-to-school sales because they are cheaper at that time than during the rest of the year. If your child cares for the backpack well enough, he or she can expect to use it for a few or even several years.

Other supplies that are “hot” include: supplies for math classes (such as rulers, protractors), books, as well as learning aids such as self-study books and computer programs. As long as your child has the four types of supplies listed, he or she will have the necessary supplies for preparing to go back to school.