How to Achieve immediate Success as an Entrepreneurial Freelance Writer

Immediate success is every entrepreneurial freelance writer’s dream.  “Is it possible?” you may ask. “Is it in the stars?”  How to achieve immediate success is a question that every entrepreneur asks him or herself, knowing that there are individuals who demonstrate immediate success as entrepreneurs. How success is measured can vary from individual to individual, as well.  

“The true harvest of my life is intangible – a little star dust caught; a portion of the rainbow I have clutched.” Henry David Thoreau

Consider the following guidelines with respect to how to achieve immediate success as an entrepreneurial freelance writer:  

Become increasingly proactive in terms of your entrepreneurial freelance writing passion.

A proactive, entrepreneurial freelance writer following his or her passion is far more likely to achieve success than someone who is laidback or inactive. A freelance writer can write about anything, anywhere and at any time. The most important thing is that he or she makes a serious effort to write and channels his or her passion in a positive, constructive direction that appeals to readers. Learn how to write about your passion, passionately. 

Watch for new Internet-based freelance writing opportunities.

For ambitious, entrepreneurial freelance writers, new Internet-based opportunities abound, but it may take time to find them. In other words, where there are leads, follow them. Make serious inquiries in terms of the publication of your work. Opportunities do not usually come to someone who simply waits for them, but rather they lie in wait of discovery by entrepreneurs. You may have to put serious effort into finding them. Go after them.

Establish a growing network of serious freelance writers.

Establishing a network and continually building positive relationships with other serious freelance writers has distinct advantages. Many freelance writers are aware of opportunities that you may never discover unless you are in contact with them. They may not want to act upon specific leads, but those same leads may be exactly what you are looking for. Act on them.

See yourself as a successful entrepreneurial freelance writer.

Seeing yourself as a successful entrepreneurial freelance writer is important because the way you portray your own image is the way that others will see you. That is also how they will respond to you and your entrepreneurial projects. If you are writing and publishing, you are successful. Continue to expand your writing horizons with new thoughts and ideas and your success will multiply.

Discover what success signifies to you.

Take some time and make a note of what success signifies to you in your freelance writing and entrepreneurship. Success is measurable in many different ways, only some of which are monetary. You can measure success in terms of project accomplishment, self-respect based upon ethical principles, compassion or a new vision for the future, as well as many other ways. If it is only money that you are interested in, go after it, but you may be sorely disappointed.

Channel your energies and efforts in the direction of your passions and you will achieve immediate success as an entrepreneurial freelance writer.