How to become a Teacher

Thankfully, there are still people that want to teach, despite the fact that it can be a low-paying and thankless job that is filled with stress and fatigue. Some people are inspired by teachers when they are very young, which causes them to pursue a teaching career when they start down their vocational path. There are a couple of different ways to become a teacher, and typically the path of preparation varies depending on the level that a person wants to teach. Therefore, here are a few thoughts on how to become a teacher.


The more traditional path for becoming a teacher is to attend college and train to be in the classroom. If people are interested in teaching, they will often study a particular subject area, such as math or English. Secondary school teachers will typically concentrate on one subject, but they may minor in a secondary field. Elementary school teachers will study a variety of subjects, but the depth of study will typically be less. For primary, middle, and high school teachers, there is typically a component of the degree that is focused on educational theory and pedagogy. Depending on the program, students will often student teach for at least a semester, and perhaps assist or observe other classrooms and schools throughout their program of study. If a new graduate wants to teach in a public school, they will often need a “credential” that is offered by the state. Private schools are sometimes less stringent about credentials, but usually still want applicants to have particular degrees.


Sometimes people end up becoming teachers because of their experience. This is more common in the collegiate ranks or at career-based colleges. If someone has a particular expertise or knows a certain set of skills, they may be recruited to teach certain types of classes. The irony is that this is called “higher education” but the people who teach at certain colleges may have never studied any educational theory or classroom management techniques. Some people are “natural” teachers, while others may know their subject but will always struggle to convey it to others.

Practice and tryouts

If people think they want to be a teacher, they should probably not enroll in an education program as a first step. Rather, they should look for an opportunity to teach something, whether it is at a church, a community center, or a summer camp. In other words, people should make sure that they actually like teaching. Some people, unfortunately, get all the way through an education program, only to find out that they dislike the classroom. People who think they want to teach should make sure that they know what they are getting into by teaching. Otherwise, it could be a long career of disliking one’s jobs, and society does not need teachers who do not want to be there.