How to Bully Proof yourself

Dealing with bullies can be tough, but it  needs to be done. Learning to deal with bullies is definitely a skill you’ll have to use for your entire life; for you are apt to come across bullies every now and then.

First, you can’t take what he or she is saying personally

When someone wants to bring another person down he can get pretty mean, but every time a bully says one mean thing to you, think of five things you love about yourself.  There’s a good chance what he said is one of the very generic things kids hear; “you’re stupid, ugly, fat, weird, etc . . .”   Think about all the other people who have been called that, does it even matter? Who cares if that person thinks you’re stupid, ugly, fat, weird, etc . . ., he is just one person. Just because one person tries to bring you down doesn’t mean people who like you with think less.

Think of all the compliments you’ve ever received

Does this one comment have any control over how you feel about yourself? Absolutely not! Being confident will scare off bullies.  If they notice that what they say doesn’t affect you, they’ll give up. Bullies get some kind of sick pleasure watching other people feel down about themselves. So play it cool and act like it doesn’t affect you, or better yet, don’t let it affect you.

Also stand up for yourself

You can’t keep letting someone walk all over you, but also don’t go down to their level of being mean. Instead, stand up to bullies and tell them they’re a coward for being mean to others as a way to cope with their own feelings. And always make eye contact with the bully when you’re standing up for yourself so they know they don’t have any power over you anymore.

 A good tip in dealing with bullies is as scary as it sounds; stand up for others being bullied. If you stand up for other people being bullied it’s more likely someone will stand up for you and maybe you’ll even make a friend along the way. Bullies will be less likely to pick on you if there and more people around you.

Dealing with a bullies can be very easy because usually if you’re direct with them and let them know you mean business, they’ll move right on to their next victim.