How to Donate Extra School Supplies to Local Children in need

It is a true kindness to donate extra school supplies to local children in need. There are many ways that you can do this, either on your own or through a program.  Consider the following tips.

Contact the schools

If you have some school supplies to donate, then you can contact the schools.  You can talk to the educational institutions that your children go to or just to local schools in the area.  You can call the front office and see if they are having any sort of school supply drive.  Also, if school has started you might just be able to talk to the teacher and see if he or she has need of the supplies in his or her classroom for children who were not able to get them on their own.  Sometimes the school board may have a central location where they are collecting these items.

See if any local organizations are collecting extra school supplies

Oftentimes local organizations are giving to such a charitable cause.  For instance, many churches and Jewish temples might collect for the local schools.  Also, community centers might collect as well.  Other businesses or even just your place of work might have such a drive. 

Look to see if they are collecting at stores

Oftentimes stores will take part in such a charity drive.  For instance, an office supply store that sells school supplies might have a box where you can put school supplies that you do not need.  If you buy a package that contains ten folders but you only need eight of them for your children, you might be able to drop those extra ones right in there and they will be given to children and schools that need them.  Other popular businesses like grocery stores or even restaurants might collect as well.  You can ask around to see if anyone knows of anything.

Start your own school supply drive

If you want to get more involved, then you can donate your own extra school supplies and help others to do so as well.  You can talk to the local schools to find out what they need.  You can tell people that you are collecting and help to coordinate the effort.

Donating extra school supplies to local children in need is good for the children and should make you feel good about yourself.  Utilize the above ideas in order to make this donation.