How to Ensure you Study over the Christmas Holidays

The holiday season gives us the time to spend two (sometimes three) weeks to relax, forget about the stresses of life and relish in the moment instead of the future.  Unfortunately, we must still be responsible with the coming weeks.

For a student, it’s certainly difficult to maintain a study schedule because you are off school for quite a bit of time.  Whether you’re in high school or a post-secondary institution, you will most likely have at least one exam after the Christmas break.

How can you be sure to study for exams during the holiday break?  Follow some of these tips to ensure you ace your exam(s).

Establish a schedule

It is easy to get off track and get caught up into the spirit of the holiday season.  Before you start off your holiday break, think about what you will be doing for the next couple of weeks.  No matter what you plan to do, always construct a time slot to study.

If you plan to spend some time with your grandparents in the morning, have to go Christmas shopping with your parents in the afternoon and then you and your family are going to a friend’s house for dinner, add a studying time when you come home from shopping and before you go to dinner.

You could even add some time to study before you go to bed.

Carry Notes/Books

A lot of travelling is involved during Christmas.  If you plan to spend quite a bit of time on a bus, a train, a flight or a vehicle, bring some notes or a textbook with you to study.  Even sitting in the backseat of a car for 20 minutes can go a long way.

Studying with Friends

Instead of heading out to the local shopping plaza like a bunch of mallrats, consider going to the library with your friends to get some studying done.  Not only will you be spending quality time with your friends, you will also get ready for the important exams.

Study with Family

If you want to increase the level of time you spend with your family, talk them into helping you study.  If you have a young brother or sister and your parents have free time, convince them to spend an hour with you and ask you questions related to your exam.

Stay Home

The holidays are great to spend time with your family.  Usually, the family will plan to go to the movies or have lunch at a restaurant.  Try to opt-out out of this and stay home instead to get some studying done.  By doing this at least once during the break will save you hours of studying time in the end.