How to Make a Stealth Paper Airplane

Ahh…just sitting here playing with computer paper brings back the time in grade school when my favorite building material was homework paper. My favorite design is the “Stealth” paper airplane; the Stealth is built for speed and intended to do stunts, but unlike its cousin’s it is not a distance flyer!

The Stealth can be assembled in 8 easy steps, but before we get there make sure you grab a thin piece of paper or a doodle that you recently did to give you wings a little extra flair. Keep in mind that you don’t want to pick cardstock or any heavy weighted paper, stick to construction paper, lined paper, or computer paper!

Step One: Grab your piece of paper and fold in half long ways, better know has “like a hot dog bun.”

Step Two: Now garb a ruler, a pencil, and a pair of scissors. Starting from the edge of the paper on the bottom right hand side(not at the fold) measure 1.5inches to the left and make a mark.
Then measure upwards from that edge 1.5 inches in and 3.5inches inward(up toward the fold). Between the two dots go in the middle of them and upward into the paper about an inch draw a dot. Connect the dots and it will make a triangular shape.
Cut from the first dot to the second dot to make the long part of the wing. Second, cut from where you left to the dot that is furthest into the paper and the cut from there to the final dot(this will make a smaller looking triangle).

Step Three: Unfold the paper and on the side that you did not cut, fold the corners inward to create a pointy “nose.” Everything should be lined up on that center crease

Step Four: Fold the nose back toward the wings. Now the nose will be point back toward the wings and the new “nose” will be a flat, straight line.

Step Five: Follow step three again. Take the new corners that you have created and fold them to the center, making a new pointy “nose.”

Step Six: Now take the plane and flip over so you cannot see the folds that you have made. Now fold the plane in half.

Step Seven: Fold the top wing back, not directly from the center, make the crease about a half inch away from the center of the plane.

Step Eight: Do the same thing with the other wing.

Now you have an awesome Stealth Paper Airplane, so stealthy that you might be able to throw it a t your teacher and not get caught, so long as you didn’t put your name on that homework.

To make it do a flip give it an upward twist when releasing it into flight and make sure to step back so you don’t poke yourself in the eye, unless that is the trick!