How to Manage the Back to School Crowds while Shopping

Lucky for you, there are no back to school crowds while shopping to manage for the new school year. Parents who have the money need not worry. I was in Macy’s in Harrisburg’s big shopping mall last week, and my wife and I were practically the only ones in the whole place, all three floors of Macy’s and on all levels throughout the complex.

One of the triplets, 11 years old, returned from a shopping outing with her best friend and best friend’s mother at Old Navy in Fairfield, bought herself a pair of jeans with her $10.00 reading money [She gets a one dollar for every book she finishes.] earned this summer and reported back that there was no one in the store.

My daughter and her friend returned from Westport, a fashionable downtown spread of high-end shops, and reported, “There was no one there.”

My wife went shopping for the kids at Penney’s and brought back to great shirts for me [I’ve lost weight.] for eight dollars each, and she reported that the Trumbull Mall was pretty empty.

I went shopping for myself and bought two pairs of shorts, and two shirts, to round out my wardrobe and paid 35.00 dollars after discounts, including the senior 15%. A steady dozen or so in the store looking for bargains.

When schools or teachers hand out the lists of “must get items” for elementary schools and such, stores will welcome those parents who can afford to purchase all that their kids need and more. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported last week, August, that merchants expect a much smaller turn out for the back-to-school rush that won’t be this year.

Parents and the students themselves who wield considerable shopping power ought to wait before rushing to fight the crowds this year. As most older students know, the trends in school fashions tend to be counter to those displayed or touted as the “in” fashion of the season.

There is also a lot to be said for saving on clothes and school materials this year. There is no reason to go the whole new wardrobe route just now. But if you do, nearly all stores are offering deep discounts. And a good place to start, as any smart shopper knows, is at the “marked down” racks.

Once again, THERE ARE NO BACK TO SCHOOL CROWDS this summer. Truthfully, I have felt uncomfortable shopping for what I need in nearly empty stores. There are often fewer clerks around, and there have never been that many in recent years. Checking out hasn’t been a problem.