How to Stop being Bullied

Bullying is even older than school is. People like to bring others down in order to make themselves look better, it can be considered as a primitive instinct. An even though bullies can sleep just well at night, it’s not the same for the bullied. If one cannot make a good shell without any weak points, school can be very hard for them, because children and teenagers are mean between each other. Still, bully-proofing yourself is a difficult process, even if it is very worth it in the end. You cannot just say ”From now on, I don’t care”. Sadly, it just doesn’t work that way.

Depending on why the bullying happens, you can probably ”shield” yourself by ignoring those who bully you. Of course, this is not exactly a shield, it is more of an attempt to make them feel like you don’t care what they just told you, and if you’re lucky, they might move on to another target. If they don’t move on, though, you will need a strong shield in order to survive it. 

Bullies look for differences, helplessness and loneliness, but what they are actually looking for is a reaction. They want you to react, cry, feel offended. By not reacting to their insults, they will tire of you. Remember, it takes two people for it to work, just like a quarrel. Not reacting is the first step to take against bullies.

The second step to get rid of bullies is to actually answer to their sentences. ”Yes, captain obvious, I do have freckles.” You should not be too harsh, because it will make them come back to you, since it would count as a reaction. Just state that they are right. You need to agree with them, and if you can manage a smile, it will be even better. Just telling them that they’re right will catch them off guard, since they are used to people trying to defend themselves.

”Why yes, I am overweight.”

”You’re damn right, I’m in a wheelchair.”

”Well no, I have no friends. Wanna be friends?”

Another tip to make them leave you alone is to laugh. The threats mean nothing if you laugh at them. You might be absolutely upset, but if you manage to laugh a great deal at what the bully just told you, and walk away, they will feel humiliated, even more if they’re with friends.

Many students feel like they shouldn’t bother anyone with their bullying problems. If those tricks do not help you as much as you expected, you should tell either your parents, your siblings or your teacher, or all of them, that other students are bullying you. They can help you if you let them. If you can stay near a teacher at the break, none of the bullies will try to bully you. They don’t want the teachers to know about it. To bully-proof yourself, you need to make the bullies know you’re not going follow their rules. You need to make them see the invulnerable side of yourself and let them know that you’re not the kind of helpless target they are looking for.