How to tell if your Blog is Successful

Having a blog, may it be in WordPress, Blogger or any other blogging site, would give an individual or an organization the ability to interact with the public. If successful, a blog can increase the revenue, improve the image of the person and or of the products as well as provide a cheaper means of advertising to a gradually expanding client base. However, telling when a blog is doing well is not always an easy task and this article will address this issue by explaining the best methods of assessing the successfulness of a particular blog.

Amount of generated traffic

Among the means of assessing the successfulness of a blog, the amount of traffic generated would be one of the main criteria. However, if the traffic generated by the blog is mostly artificial, as in the case of over promotion through social media sites or paid sites, the amount of traffic would give a false impression with regard to the successfulness of the blog. Therefore, one should rely only on the ‘organic’ traffic, which is the traffic generated through search engines such as Google, which should be a clear indicator of how well a particular blog is doing.

Level of interactions

If the posts made in a blog were open for comments, the amount of user comments generated would also be a good way of assessing the successfulness as it indicates the level of interaction made with the visitors to the site. A highly interactive blog by means of multiple comments for each blog post can be considered as providing quality content as well as generating user interest with regard to the subject that it intends to handle. However, not having commonest should not necessarily mean that the blog is doing bad as most visitors to a blog are silent and in some instances, depending on the content, allowing comments may not yield much of a response from the blog users.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is another measure that can indicate the success of a blog and it is desirable to keep a lower bounce rate. In general, it indicates the number of visitors to a site who leave the site as soon as they enter without spending time to read the blog.

Page rank

Page ranking in the form of Google page rank or else Alexa page rank would also be a good indicator of how well a blog is doing and having a lower Google page rank or a lower Alexa page rank would indicate a successful blog when compared with similar sites or blogs in the internet.

Amount of generated revenue

For some blogs, the amount of revenue generates through advertisements or through selling various items would also be useful indicators for assessing its success although this may not be the case for every blog. At the same time, requests made by potential advertisers to use ones blog as an advertising board should also prompt the recognition achieved by a particular blog as it has been recognized as a market leader for a particular niche.

In addition, one could also rely on the demand for guest posts as well as the feedback received by the blog visitors as positive responses towards assessing the successfulness of a blog. However, it is not advisable to make use of only one or two indicators to assess how well the blog is doing but instead, one should combine multiple indicators and use analytical software to assess the facts and derive a result based on analyzing all these information at a given time.