How to tell if your Blog is Successful

Many people blog for many purposes.  Some may entertain, inform, inspire, or attempt to sell something.  With so many blogs in the blogosphere, how can you tell if your blog is successful?  Don’t just guess how to tell. Many indicators point to your blog’s success. They include: 

*Google page ranking 

*The number of followers and their importance  

*The number and quality of comments 

*System analytics    


What is Google Page Rank?

Consider the number of links you get and the quality of them. A link from a top blog in your genre probably counts more than a link from your Aunt Millie on Facebook, no matter how much you love her. One way to determine your success is by its Google Page Rank, which is the way Google, counts these links and how relevant they are to the blogosphere.  

The number of links is one of about 40 indicators Google uses to rank your blog in the blogosphere. You can check the ranking of your blog or website here.    

Subscribers or Followers

When people have an emotional connection with your writing, they want to read more of what you create. The number of subscribers or followers and their quality powerfully indicate your blog success.


When interested and engaged, many people leave comments.  If they are getting something of value from the blog posts, they will thank you.  When readers become angry while reading your blog, they leave criticisms or even hate mail.  If no one reacts, ask yourself if your blog really is successful.      

Who are the readers?

Most people write for a specific audience.  It may be new mothers, adventure lovers, or some other demographic.  Demographics are a fancy way of determining who actually reads your blog.  One way is to conduct a survey or questionnaire and urge readers to answer.  Survey Monkey offers a free tool to use to poll your readers.  Other sites also offer surveys. 

System analytics

Analytics programs tell you what countries your audience lives in and what websites they use.  It tells how long they stay on your page, the number of unique visitors you attract, and other interesting and necessary things to know. For more information about this, go to analytics.    


If your blog is monetized, it is important that some of your readers click on the ads. Most people avoid ads but a few may show interest in ads carefully chosen for your audience. The revenue you generate for the blog directly depends on the percentage of viewers who go to an ad or ads. 

Read  blogging basics or  insights,  for more information about blogs.

Add zing to your blog and help fulfill your purpose for it.  Constantly reevaluate its effectiveness and success.  These tools, and others, help you note where you need to improve and when you hit the mark. The Internet is constantly evolving.  The successful blog keeps up with the changes and trends.  Happy writing.