Is going to School a Good Idea in Todays Economy – Yes

Is going to school a good idea in today’s economy?

Nobody should ever be denied an education, and tough love should do all it can to keep potentially delinquent children in school. Regardless of the economy, of financial difficulties, and a variety of other circumstances that may be considered obstacles, education should be encouraged. It should supersede everything.

The old saying Without an education you are nobody isn’t entirely true but there is some merit to it.

Those that have sworn off school for the streets, for quick scores of cash here and there, perhaps for drugs or drink – what future do they have without an education? Yes, there will always be a few that defy the odds. They climb out of the giant, overflowing vat of statistics and actually make something of their lives. But most, sadly, do not.

Consider others that just have too many excuses for not going to school. They don’t have the money, the time, the motivation. They’re too busy. They’re making enough money jumping from odd job to odd job enough to get by.

School is not the answer to everything, certainly not. But an education, even during tough times, can lead to a good job, a decent salary, and benefits which become nearly priceless with age. Think about it.

Going to school doesn’t necessarily mean attending a fancy prep school or an Ivy League university. It can mean going to the local junior college, enrolling in adult evening seminars, or taking free classes on line, or at the local library or community center. Learning, after all, is learning.

A tough economy should matter all the more, actually. Going to school, getting an education, increasing your knowledge even if it forces sacrifice in other areas will eventually be to your advantage. The current slump in the economy won’t last forever. When the sky clears and the dust settles, why not be ready, willing, and able to jump at opportunities? Why not be educated and prepared?

I like to believe there are some recession proof industries anyway those services and places we need no matter what and I don’t just mean the funeral business. Even when times are tough we need hairdressers, electricians, plumbers, teachers, doctors and nurses and other medical professionals. We still need computer geeks and other techies, lawyers, grocery stores and various other retailers, law enforcement, and government.

Take a moment and consider those living in repressed countries. They go to school in fear, but the chance to learn is overwhelming, the risk is worth it. What about those in third world countries who attend school under ancient trees. They sit in the sand and use sticks for pencils. They have a chance to learn better farming techniques, how to raise better cattle, build better grass huts.

What are your reasons not to go to school – in any economy, not to get educated in any economy, not to give yourself a better shot at a more meaningful life? Go to school. Learn. The benefits you reap will last a lifetime.