Items Donate to yours Childs Classroom

The back-to-school supply lists we are given only cover a portion of the actual items needed to teach our children the entire year. Teachers often spend their own money purchasing supplies to make up for the children who can’t afford it. They are grateful for any help we can give them. Here are some items to donate to your child’s classroom.


Check with your child’s teacher about volunteering. Most teachers ask for help grading papers, doing art projects, or having class parties. Depending on the grade, they may want someone to read the class a story or help them oversee recess. Teachers have more to do through the day than many of us even realize. By donating a small portion of your time, you can be a huge help. This is the one supply that no teacher ever gets enough of.

Cleaning supplies

With all the sicknesses and germs making their way through our classrooms now days, a class can’t have enough hand sanitizer and clorox wipes. Watch for sales on these items and use coupons to get them even cheaper. Always pick up some extra when you can. These items can even be bought early during summer sales and used later. This will not only benefit the class, but it will also benefit you when you don’t have to deal with a sick child.

Cold season supplies

Other great items to donate to your child’s classroom include tissues, paper towels, and cough drops. Paper towels come in handy for any minor spill or accident your child may have, tissues are for all those runny noses, and cough drops speak for themselves. These items save time from running to the nurse’s station, which in turn, means more time spent learning in class.

Basic supplies

When you come across those awesome deals shopping for your child’s back-to-school list, pick up some extra for those who can’t afford to. Classrooms can always use extra pencils, paper, glue sticks, crayons, and scissors. These items can usually be bought for little or nothing at back-to-school sales. This is also a great time to pick up some extra paper and folders. What’s not used this year can always be used next year.

Box tops for education

Clip and save the box tops from special product labels. Schools receive money for each box top collected. This money can be used to update playgrounds, expand libraries or to provide classroom supplies. Either way, it benefits your child’s school. It’s also a great way to donate to your child’s classroom without having to spend money in the process.


A lot of schools collect grocery receipts to earn computers for classrooms. This is another great way to donate without spending any money. A small amount of your time can reap huge rewards for your child’s school.

Just remember, teaching a child takes the joint effort of both parent and teacher. The more involved you are in your child’s class activities, the more involved your child will be, making their learning experience greater.