Laptop Education Schooling Technology should Laptops be use at School – Beneficial

Laptops. Whether we be surfing our e-mails, making a powerpoint, or writing a HELIUM Article (;-P) computer of today are getting smaller and smaller. As, it seems to me are the students of today. Laptops are definitely needed in classroom around the world today to help our students gain any advantage they can in todays cutthroat Education system.

First of all, Laptops would be a great benefit in our classrooms because of the how easy it is to store data on them. As long as my computer is equipped with a microphone and a text editor it could easily be used to record the notes the teacher is giving, and even keep a sound file of the
lesson. If the computer has an attached webcam or can be hooked up to an external camera you could even have a video of the lesson too. This would be invaluable for any student wishes to be “re-taught” a lesson. This would be so useful as a preparation for exams.

As a student myself, in the last years of traditional schooling, I can think back about the past years and see how a laptop would have benefited me. I’ve never had particularly neat handwriting which is why I made the switch to typing as soon as I could, which was actually not long ago. What would the world be like if instead of learning how to hold a pen at age 5 every child in the world was taught how to type? The world would be filled with typist writing at a rate far superior to the rate one can achieve writing by hand. The pen may be mightier than the sword but its the keyboards that get things done.

I’m a big fan of the One Laptop Per Child movement. The XO laptop is a laptop created by a non-profit organization to be distributed around poor African nations for a reasonable price (It has been hailed as a $100 laptop). This laptop has considerable specs including a wireless receiver and transmitter, A powerful screen and a crank or solar panel for places without electricity as well as a conventional plug. Initiatives like these are what we need to help the third world to come in to its own. Education breaks the cycle of poverty.

Storing files on a laptop also has the advantage of being eco-friendly. Sure laptops are powered by electricity but if we made an energy efficient version, we could cut that considerable and the savings on paper would be enormous. Think about how many pieces of paper were given to throughout your school year. Now imagine these were e-mailed to you. Much simpler.

So, using laptops in class is simply the way of the future. Computers are here to stay.