Libraries how they Communicate what they Offer

The public library has long been a town’s meeting place, a place of knowledge and a place of entertaining material.  But with today’s high tech society, how does the public library keeps up?  How do they let everyone know what they have to offer?  These are crucial questions that must be answered before the days of the public library vanish.

Since most public libraries are funded through local, state and federal taxes, we see a ballot measure every so often to increase our property taxes, our sales taxes or what ever it may be to improve the library.  They don’t use the tax dollars for advertisement, but use it to help pay salaries, gain new books and materials and to keep up the technology of today. So they must find other ways to let everyone know just how valuable they are.

One way they do this is through fliers.  Printed with such programs as the summer reading program, the author signing program and a whole host of other offerings, this is an inexpensive way to pass the word.  Whether by mail or by door, these fliers can remind the community at large exactly what is available at the library.  It can also help boost membership.  

Having books sales and drives is another way the library reminds us how important they are.  You can pick up some wonderful books for relatively cheap and by donating books, you give others the benefit of things you enjoy.  This is another way that libraries bring people of a community together.  You may meet new friends with similar interests, or discover an old friend that you had not seen in years.  Either way, libraries help communities share and grow with each other.

Usually in the electric bill every so often, you will find the schedule of events at the library.  It will show case new additions, new programs and the technology they have to offer.  By doing this, every person who has electricity and pays a the bill can see what is going on at the library.  Printing is inexpensive, and the postage is included with your bill, so this is a great way they can let the community at large know.

Also, by visiting schools, offering cards to our children, is another great way to promote the library.  During the talk, they can list the things that they currently offer, bring a sample of the types of books that age group would like.  This is an easy and again inexpensive way for the library to show what they have to offer.  Getting kids to like reading is paramount, and this program will emphasize that point.  By involving our children, getting them excited about books is a wonderful thing.  It increases knowledge, and helps the imagination grow, both which are necessary for growing minds.

A relatively new program, the ebook check out is rapidly becoming popular with a lot of readers.  By visiting the home page, you can see all the books that are offered through this program.  And by keeping their homepage updated, they also can showcase any new programs, continuing programs and their schedules to everyone.  

Through fliers, mailings, electricity bills, books sale, book drives and other various programs, the public library has a multitude of ways to showcase what they offer.  And by visiting the library, we can see first hand that the library isn’t just books any more.