Lying to get Child into better School District – No

I have been stressing over my child’s designated school district for a couple of years now and although my child starts Kindergarten in a few months, I still don’t know which district he will be in. Although I would love to have him in a certain district, I cannot bring myself to lie to get him into it.

The district we live in is just barely across the district boundary line and it is not a good school at all when it comes to test scores and crime level and is twenty minutes away from my house. The district I want him in is ten minutes from my house and has great test scores. My husband and mother-in-law have pressured me into using a family member’s address, but not only is that immoral but it could cause legal problems for me and my husband as well as confusion to my child.

I remember there being a court case several years ago regarding a lady who used a family member’s address to get her children into a certain school district. She was actually sent to court and potentially faced jail time for lying. If I remember correctly, the jury did not convict her of jail time but she did have to pay a fine. I am not interested in having to stand in front of a court to defend my reasons of lying. Nope, sorry, I am not about to take that chance.

Then there is the confusion issue for the child. I remember having to learn my home address in 1st grade. I’m not sure if children still do that these days or not, but if they do, my child would have to learn a completely different address than his real one. I do not see that as being a very smart idea. Also, what about when he wants to have friends sleep over or even come over for a birthday party or just to play after school or on the weekends? If the other child’s parent catches on that our house is not located in the school district, they could easily report me to the school.

When I send my child to school, I will do so in hopes that he will be in that district for the remainder of his schooling. I wouldn’t want him to start school somewhere and learn where all the rooms are and get accustomed to that particular school, and then because of something I wrongly did, him be yanked out of that school and placed into another one that is not familiar to him. Not only does he lose the familiarity that he has learned, but also any friends that he may have made while there.

The school district I would love for my son to be in is accepting out of district students on a tuition basis, however they have to be accepted based on how many spots that are available and how many students are applying for entry. I hope my child gets into that district, but if not I will make the best of whichever district he ends up in. It is up to the parents, as well as the teachers, to help their student succeed.