Mobile Homework Center

Setting up a mobile homework center is easier than it sounds. It is likely that many of the necessary supplies are already in your home or at your fingertips. The benefit of having a mobile homework center is that your tween or teen can accomplish their homework goals anywhere throughout the house and beyond. With the busyness of extracurricular activities many students find themselves cramped for time, space and supplies for homework. Rather than having kids wait until the middle of the night to finish daily work, a mobile homework center can offer the flexibility needed for today’s teens.

Within the home a mobile homework center contains all of the supplies necessary to work in any space necessary. If your child is working on a large scale project or does not have a computer in their own room, this mobile center can travel to the dining room table, the home office or even the garage. With the right tools, a mobile homework center can travel in the car, to another parent’s house, to an after-school activity or even to the bleachers.

Here are the tools you’ll need to construct a mobile homework center.

The first thing you’ll need are the specific school supplies geared for your child’s grade level. This will include things like pens, pencils, and notebook paper. Don’t forget the accessory items such as a pencil sharpener and an extra eraser. Specific items like a calculator, compass or protractor might also be necessary. Depending on the type of containment you choose, you might also need a small school supply box to hold the pencils and pens. Colored pencils, markers and crayons might also be necessary if your child is still in middle school.

Another useful tool to include in your mobile homework center is a USB flash drive. This will be a lifesaver when your student needs to save a project on one computer and continue it in another location. This could prove useful at the library, at a friend’s house, at a parent’s house or when something needs to be printed at an office supply store

To hold these many different supplies, you need proper containment. A rolling backpack with pockets is a useful option for a mobile homework center. Often there will be a section with small pockets designed to hold specific school supplies, this will help keep your homework center organized. The rolling element enables it to be easily transported throughout the house and out into the world as needed.

Because the mobile homework center might be carried to a variety of locations, including a clipboard in the bag is a good idea to insure there is always a flat surface for writing.