Options for Back to School Shopping

Not all shoppers become unhinged at the mere thought of shoulder-to-shoulder crowds or the pushing and shoveling for scarce sale’s items. Many see that type of setting as the ultimate shopping experience. However, there are those who dread the months leading up to the new school year because of the large and often unruly crowds. If you are in the latter group, do not fret; you have many options that will provide you the same results: getting the best deal possible for your youngsters’ school clothes and supplies.

Check newspaper advertisements

Look for advertisements in Sunday’s newspaper. You will find names of stores that are offering back-to-school bargains. If there are coupons, cut them out, but be mindful of expiration dates.

Create a list
Make a list of needs for each child. Discuss the items on the list with each child separately to ensure he or she need the items or want to offer alternative suggestions. Ensure you do not buy items they already have from the prior school season. For example, their book bags from last year may still be usable.

Shop late

Plan to shop on a weekday and an hour or two before the stores close, this way you can avoid the few who jostle and push. Take your list with you and stick to the things that are on it. Hopefully,   others will not have thought about this idea.

Shop at lesser-known  stores

Look around for lesser known “Mom and Pop” type stores, they often do not attract the last-minute crowd because of either size or location. The appropriately named “Dollar stores” offer a variety of school supplies that are all priced at a dollar. Furthermore, look for variety stores, you may find some fantastic bargains in them that you never expected.

Make Internet purchases

Use the internet if you are trying to avoid long lines as well as shopping late; many folks this year will be making their back-to-school purchases over the internet. Some may have already  made their online purchases early in the year when www.walmart,com, www.officemax.com,  www.kmart.com and www.officedepot.com provided free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount.

So hurry and devise your shopping strategy; there is still time to get ahead of the back-to-school crowds. Start your list, seek out local bargains or get on the internet to find super sales. Otherwise, prepare to be pushed and jostled about, especially if you wait until the week leading up to the start of the new school year. Best of luck to you!