Passing Gas on a School Bus a Detention – No

Sure. They should also be tarred and feathered, hooked up to the back of the bus on chains and dragged for at least 5 miles. Let’s get serious! If it is distracting to a bus driver to have students pass gas on the bus, perhaps that driver is in the wrong line of work.

A school bus is naturally a very noisy affair most of the time. Even when there is only normal talking between students there is a continuous, low buzz. It would be amazing if the bus driver even heard the passing of the gas on the bus!

Which poses another issue. If the person sitting in the front of the bus passes gas and “gets caught”, what about those in the back who can’t be heard? Nothing fair in that situation at all. Or, heaven forbid, what if the wrong person gets accused? Sometimes the noise isn’t what is most annoying, after all. Is there going to be a way to prove “who did it?”

Of course, if students are forbidden to release gas on the bus, the driver should have the same disciplines in place. Imagine losing your job and putting on the next resume that you were fired because your body decided to “function”.  Such a rule would be inhibiting to more than just students. Actually, there are many students who would feel it an honor to get a detention for something so basic. Imagine that detention room if there were 5 or 6 young people who received detentions for passing gas.

Seems like giving students detentions for passing gas on a bus would open up a whole can of worms.

Being a normal body function, perhaps the student who gets a detention for passing gas should file a complaint because it is really unhealthy to hold all that pressure within for an excessive amount of time. That seems to be a very valid complaint! What about the student who “burps”. Will there be a limit on how loud it can be? Will there be a limit as to how often one can burp without getting a detention? As a parent, the entire situation would not wash. It would be fought tooth and nail and, most likely, won.

Everyone, (and that is EVERYONE!), must rid their bodies of excess gas. There is no stopping it, though it can be controlled to a degree. It can be embarrassing, funny, or just plain normal. But, unless there are rules concerning breathing also, uncontrollable body functions should not rank in the medium for detentions.

It’s a stinky situation all the way around.