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Any students would like to have good performance at their schools. Student’s performance affects greatly from teacher’s impression to scoring. That’s why every student must maintain his/her top performance at school. We could say that student’s performance is probably the most important thing in his/her school life.

Performance of a certain student is not only based on 1 subject or on how diligent they are. Performance can also be seen from how active they are in extracurricular lessons, making friends, roles in student body, and leading their fellow students. These things are vital to every students in every schools.

Unfortunately, many students could not maintain their top performance at their schools. According to Organized Wisdom, more than 58% of college students fail to provide great performances at school. It’s mainly because of stress. But stress is not the only factor. there are more factors that can drop student’s performance. Those factors will be presented below.

1. Health

Health is one important factor to be considered. No doubt that student’s health should be kept well in order to maintain performance. Breakfast is important and should not be skipped. It acts as student’s main energy to keep him/her well until lunch. Besides breakfast, sports and nutrition must be well-balanced.

2. Stress

As told from above, stress can be deadly for some students because it can drop their performance down to the lowest level if not being taken care. There are many factors that can cause stress, such as too many assignments, exam preparations, and lack of self-confidence. Stress must be eliminated as soon as possible before it affects entirely to student’s performance. As we can see from a reliable source,, There are many ways to reduce stress. One should be able to manage their time. Besides that, students should also be able to create a perfect learning environment for their studies. These things will surely reduce one’s stress and improve his / her performance.

3. Bullying

According to Wikipedia, Bullying is an abusive treatment towards someone else that may result from verbal harassment, to physical contact. In schools, bullying is usually done by students with higher “authority”, meaning students with more physical abilities or someone with gangs. Bullying can cause performance drop to other students, because they feel unsafe at school. Bullying is hard to terminate, but student and teachers must take proper actions towards bullying. Actions such as reporting to teachers and giving appropriate punishments may be the best action to reduce bullying. What’s important is to make students feel safe at school.

4. Family Problems

Aside from bullying and stress, family problems seem to have quite an impact on certain students’ performance. While bullying and stress comes from inside the school, family problems are the matter of your own. This make family problem hard to solve, because students must take action on his/her own regarding his/her family. If not taken care as soon as possible, family problems may cause students to have their mental dropped and resulted in low performance. WikiHow has given plenty of advices in sorting family matters. One must be able to talk the matter with all of his / her family members and one mustn’t hesitate to ask the professionals (teachers, etc.).

As students, they should try their best to maintain his/her student performance. Not only that will affect their school life, but also their careers and the rest of their lives.

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