Photoread and Save your Time

Tired of having piles of textbooks around the house, but have no time to truthfully understand them. You probably think that the problem is that reading takes forever. Not with Photoreading. Photoreading is a fast way to skim over the pages of a book, while acquiring the information you crave.

Many people don’t have the time, or just don’t enjoy regular reading. Photoreading is a easy and beneficial way to get this done fast. And, photoreading is possible by acquiring a high state of awareness, which can be done by relaxing and with some techniques. Then, the reader prepares to read by looking over chapters, overviews, and the summary. Then comes the most important step, the actual photoreading. The reader simply flips through the pages while in “photofocus” (will be explained in the next paragraph), and absorbs the information. Then the reader must activate this information, which means moving the information from their subconscious to their conscious mind. This completes the process in which someone may photoread.

Don’t know what photofocus is? It’s very simple! Photofocus is just a soft gaze, not at the words, but through the page. For example, when people photoread they focus on three things: the white of the page, the corners of the book, and the wall behind the book. It may seem complicated, but once you learn more, it will become as simple as pie.

Now that the process has been explained, this guide gets to the important stories and facts about photoreading. The writer relates one of his favorite stories of photoreading: a man had a presentation the next day to a group of people who only spoke Spanish. The man had learned Spanish in high school, but was a little rusty. The night before his presentation, he photoread a English to Spanish dictionary. The next morning, the man was astounded when he found that all he had learned in high school had come back to him.

This man got very lucky, because not everyone can remember a language by photoreading a book once. But, the story shows the true possibilities of photoreading. It is hoped that everyone who reads this truly thinks if they can incorporate photoreading into their everyday lives, because there are extremely positive benefits of photoreading. Think about how computers, houses, furniture, and medicine have received upgrades over the years. If we can upgrade to a cell phone, we can definitely upgrade our reading.