Physical Education for Homeschoolers

Physical Education for Homeschoolers doesn’t have to be complicated.  You do not have to try and recreate PE as you remember it from public school (who really enjoyed that anyway?)  You do want to create a fun environment and get the children excited about physical activity. 

Begin by checking your state’s homeschooling requirements.  Most states require a certain number of hours each year.  If your state requires reporting, just use a simple form and write the activity and time each day it is done.  This will usually satisfy the state requirement.  You will probably discover that your children end up with much more time than is required.

First of all if your child is already involved in a community sport (soccer, baseball, swimming – etc.) or lessons (dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, etc.); then your Physical Education is already handled.  All you need to do is note times the activity is played or practiced.  You should have more than enough time to meet the required state guidelines.

Another great option is family activities.  Does your family take walks, bike rides, hikes, play tennis, even jump on the trampoline?  Well then, all of these are P.E. activities.  Note the times and activity and you are well on your way to meeting the curriculum requirements for your state.

If you are involved in a homeschool co-op, why not do the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge as a group.  A group of parents can offer practice once a week and at the end of your session offer the test for the students.  This is a fun way to offer up a little friendly competition, encourage physical fitness and have lots of fun!  All the students earn an award as well which will encourage them to continue doing what they have learned. 

Lastly, physical education for homeschoolers can be great fun if you decide to teach your children all the great outdoor games you played as a child.  Let Red Light Green Light, Flashlight Tag, Red Rover, Hopscotch, Capture the Flag and Kickball become P.E.  Your students will love it and so will you as you get right in the middle of the action and play.   Just record what you teach and your playtime and meet the homeschooling conditions all at the same time. 

As you plan for Physical Education in your homeschool, keep it fun and let it encourage Physical Fitness for your children/students.  What better way for a homeschooling family to do just that by spending time together and cheering each other on – doing enjoyable activities together!