Public Libraries how Important is their Role in having Access to Knowledge

The public library has always been a place to check out the latest books, listen to the latest music, or to browse magazines and news papers.It was always exciting taking that once a week or so trip to the library to find new and exciting things to read..  Children today still feel that excitement about going to the public library.  Thesea are a still place of learning, a place to gather knowledge, but now they have ,more variety in ways to do this.  They have  computers with internet access, a wider selection of newspapers and magazines that could cost a small fortune to keep subscriptions to.  The have a vast reference sections. video and audio selections.  It is because of this, that the public library will always guarantee that there is always an access to knowledge.

The public library has kept up with the technology that is available to them.  By doing this, they make sure that everyone has, for the price of card (which is generally free)access to this knowledge.  Children whose families can not afford a computer, can still have access to the internet and the vast array of knowledge that can be found there.  These children are no longer left behind, but can now explore the wonders of the internet.

High school and college students can find information in the reference section that can be germane  to the subject they are writing about.  These books may also be in the school library, but  be checked out or unavailable when they go to do their research.  The public library may have a wide variety of books available on the subject of the report to use as reference.  They frequently will also have more than one copy of certain references and books.

The reading programs offer to children a way to make reading fun.  These programs have little funding in our schools, so it is imperative that access to these programs is available.  Yes we can become a technology based society, but even the most advanced society had great libraries in the ancient world.  Keeping the various programs at the library offer our children a glimpse into the minds of artists, and those people who could paint with words.  If we do not keep this up, we will stagnate in the end.

Having access to a multitude of newspapers and magazines is another role the public library fills.  The young child interested in science can find articles that interest them.  The teen interested in mechanics or motor sports can read about the new trends.  The young professional who doesn’t have enough money yet to subscribe to various publications can find them at the library for free. Giving our children the right to explore topics that interest them is a vital role that libraries have.  Without this, many children would be able to explore the variety of careers out their.  They may not have the spark to follow a dream that appeals to them.

Without the public library, many would be unable to advance their minds or their position.  The person who is looking for a new career can explore options at the library.  The teen trying to find their first job, whose family is not able to afford the newspaper still has access to that job information..  In these tough economic times, luxuries like newspapers, magazines and other publications are generally the first thing to go.  By having access to many of these at the public library, the knowledge contained in the pages is still available.

Many libraries now offer online check out and ebook reading.  This is an added convience so that you can still read that book you want or quarantee that the book, video or audio seolection is ready and available to you.  Withe emial notices of over due books, this cuts down on expenses while keping you informed.

It is often said that knowledge is key.  The public libraries provide an important function in making this true for all people, big or small, rich or poor.  Without our public libraries, much of the knowledge contained inside their buildings could be lost forever. And with the loss of the Library at Alexander in the ancient world, it has been shown exactly how this could affect a society as a whole.