Reading or Studying Class Assignments

When an assignment has been chosen for a class to become involved with the degree of complication is reflected in the term used to carry out the operation. So if the class is reading the assignment then they are looking at it in a more basic and general manner. This could be the introduction to a new topic and could also be used to discover the expertise that the students already have. The subject matter is broad and thinly spread over the general subject, providing an over view of the extent that could be covered and working as a bait to engage the student’s interest to become more adept and informed.

The materials provided on the subject are read and reflected on to gather the underlying meaning of what has been written, this can also include reading out loud to an audience. A lot of information can be gathered from reading a broad spectrum of written material covering a generalized topic. Hopefully the materials are written in a way that is suitable for the age and experience of the class and can easily be absorbed and developed further with written work. The time allowed for the assignment should reflect the depth and length of answer that should be achieved.

To study a class assignment however takes a lot more work and effort. Not only does the material provided have to be read and interpreted but also this has to be accompanied by extensive research, the setting up of experiments, the gathering of data, so that the student has the opportunity to extend their understanding. This data then has to be analyzed and the results drawn in to some sort of conclusion.  

The subject matter is usually very specific and introduced in a challenging fashion that needs more effort to produce an accurate result. The student then has to find all the relevant information on their own and produce a piece of written work that illustrates their comprehension and also to tentatively push the subject boundaries further into new areas of discovery or extension.

To study something means to try to find out how something functions and by becoming familiar with it the subject matter can then be used to work on further exploratory factors. The final piece of written work handed in should reflect the commitment of the student in their efforts to understand and explore every aspect that has been involved. The assignment is then more than a rewriting of what the student has understood from their reading as it contains newly acquired information and data that has been looked at from a new perspective.