Reduce Back to School Stress

What other profession is more stressful than teaching? Only Air Traffic Controllers have more stressful careers. It’s no mystery why teachers have mixed emotions going back to work after the summer break. There is something you can do about it, through acceptance, appreciation and preparation you will be able to lessen the negative emotions of returning to school.

Appreciating your job will lessen the cynical feelings. Teaching is a labor of love. It is a profession that produces our future generation of doctors, lawyers, scientist and politicians. No other job is more important. Teachers are on the frontlines of democracy because without education, democracy would not work.

Appreciate the time off of work. One of the greatest challenges is going back to work after the summer break. What other profession has time off like that? What a great job to have! Time off means time spent with family, teaching seminars and hobbies.

Appreciating yourself is a real boost to developing a desire to go back. Teachers are incredible. They manage 20-40 students or more, and provide all kinds of services to them. They give discipline, love, time management, study skills, social skills and a long list of academic skills. They also manage the parents, Para-professionals and administrators. Instructors can do anything after several years of teaching because they have learned so much from their work. Very few professions offer an opportunity to learn more.

Accept the challenges of teaching. Teaching is a choice and a calling. It is difficult to communicate to administrators, parents and students. There are a few difficult students and families, however most are supportive. Teaching the content is difficult. Clear communication at all levels isn’t easy. Teachers, in general, get good compensation. The rewards are endless. Students and families are appreciative of a fair and honest teacher. Don’t forget the hundreds of smiles teachers receive every year, priceless.

Preparing for the coming year is a must. A week before teachers are required to report to work, some go back a couple of hours each day. These teachers set up their classroom early. Being prepared means less stress at the beginning of the new academic year. It also helps them get back into the job, creating a ‘ready to go’ mind set. Showing up early also sends a clear and positive message to your administrator.

Most teachers have mixed feelings about going back to school after the summer break. Acceptance, appreciation and preparation help diminish the negative and accentuate the positive.