Retired teachers can be every day heroes in the community

Retired teachers have many options when it comes to helping their community. During their years of teaching they have fine-tuned many of the skills required to be an outstanding volunteer, perhaps even taking a leadership role.  Retired teachers generally have excellent organizational skills, problem-solving skills and communication skills. These valuable attributes can be useful to the community in many venues.


When children are struggling with reading or math concepts, having a retired teacher within the community who is willing to volunteer her time to do individual tutoring is an invaluable resource. A retired teacher can sign on with her school district to be on-call for any school in the district requiring supplementary tutoring assistance.


Retired teachers are excellent candidates for mentoring young women in homeless shelters, women’s shelters and those using social service assistance. By contacting a county social service office, a retired teacher could gain access to many undereducated individuals who would benefit from her shared skills.

Nursing home reading volunteer

The activities department of every nursing home welcomes retired teachers with opened arms. Patients with poor eyesight can enjoy being read to aloud either singly or in a group. Teaching crafts is an option for the artistic retired teacher. Helping patients write letters to their families is another valuable service. There are myriad opportunities within such a facility for enriching the lives of elderly people.

Community library volunteer

Libraries need volunteers on a regular basis. A retired teacher could read aloud to children during the library story hour program. She could assist in choosing appropriate books at appropriate reading levels for individuals of all ages. She could elect to hold seminars promoting reading and library use at local elementary schools, to supplement the work of the on-site librarian. She might even be a good candidate to man the library bookmobile that travels from school to school and to other community venues to encourage reading literacy.

Substitute teacher

Some retired teachers might garner supplementary income and benefit the community as well. They could sign up to substitute for last minute cancellations. This is a great service, because when a scheduled substitute teacher has to cancel at the last minute, the shortage results in disruption for many students and teachers when classes are forced to double up. An experienced retired teacher could be a real hero in that type of situation.  Individuals who have dedicated their entire productive life to serving others as a teacher, do not have to discontinue their dedication upon retirement. 

By going on-line and perusing volunteer opportunities listed for your particular city, town or community, you will see that your skills and talents continue to be valued and in demand long after you have retired from full-time teaching.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”   – Henry Brook Adams