Right Size Backpack for School

Buying the right sized backpack for your child is more than a matter of style or convenience, but also a matter of saving your child from having back problems at an early age. With the sheer amount of textbooks and homework that children are forced to bring home, and back to school the next day, having a properly fitted and big enough backpack for your child is paramount. One of the most important things that you can do when buying a backpack for your child is to bring your child with you, so that the store’s specialist can help you to select the proper fitted backpack.

Backpacks come in so many different sizes and styles, colours and textures that finding one that your kid likes can be quite the challenge. With the advent of Internet shopping, we can now log on, find a backpack that looks nice, one that your kid likes, pay for it, and it will be delivered within a week, right to your door. However, buying a backpack for your kid online will not guarantee a properly fitted backpack, and you may not be getting the right size, either. One company’s small size is another company’s medium, and many do not tell of the strap sizes, or padding.

In order to get the proper fitting for your kid’s back to school backpack, you must first have an idea of how much weight and volume is going to be regularly hefted within, and strung over your kid’s shoulder (you wouldn’t expect them to wear it properly, now would you?). You can find out the number and size of the textbooks that your kid(s) will be learning from this coming year by calling your kid’s school’s school board, or looking that information up on-line.

The best option in buying a right size backpack for your kid is to wait until they have received all of their school supplies from the school, and then take them, and their textbooks, writing books and a few big binders to a sporting goods store. A sporting goods store would be the best possible place to purchase a knapsack for a high school or college student, as the workers in these stores are knowledgeable about weight distribution and properly fitting a backpack to a person’s body type.

As with most other things in life, the more you pay for a backpack, the better it will be. You can go to any number of discount stores, like Giant Tiger or Safe-Way, and buy a backpack for $10 to $15 for you school bound children. These cheap backpacks, usually with Disney or Fox animated characters on them, are good enough for kids in grades up to middle school, grades 1 through 8.

However, these cheap backpacks will most likely not carry the required books and materials, supplies, gym clothes and sports or music equipment, and personal belongings that your kid will be trekking back and forth to school with. Nor will they last the entire year, let alone one or two more years as well. Spending $60 to $120 for a backpack for your kid to go back to school seems like an awful lot of money, but it would be beneficial to your kid’s health, and would probably last five years or more. And, if you have younger kids as well, they can use the knapsack when they get into the grades where the books get bigger and heavier.

Enjoy your back to school shopping.