School Tours

The benefits of taking a tour before school starts for the year is a bit of a confusing topic. To properly write about it, several factors must first be defined. What sort or tour? Is this in reference to the European practice of doing a “tour” of the world before starting university, often referred to as a “gap year tour” or does it refer to visiting the place one will be starting school? What type of school should also be determined, primary, secondary or university and when is the tour taking place.

Taking a “gap year tour” can have several benefits. It gives the student a chance to see new places and have new experiences before becoming tied down with studies or having to concentrate on specific field of study. This helps create a better understanding of the diversity found around the planet and their neighbors in it, and in the 21st century with Internet and rapid transit we are all neighbors!

School tours are a bit different, and a lot cheaper, but just as beneficial. Their timing, though, can affect the benefits.

A tour for a young child about to enter school gives the child a chance to meet the teachers and see where they are going to be spending a lot of their time each day. They can learn where the rooms are, the bathrooms, and even the playground under a bit quieter of conditions that the hectic first day. Hopefully they will get to meet friendly teachers and staff, viewing them as new friends. This will build confidence and possibly lessen the feeling of abandonment that many small children feel on the first day of class. The tour will also benefit the parent as they become familiar with where their child will be going and with whom.

Ironically enough, the same can apply to older students that are changing schools. They too need a chance to “get the lay of the land” and find out where everything is located. Meeting the teachers may not be as important for the student, though it is for the parent, but building even a small amount of confidence is good for everybody.

A university tour should, if at all possible, should always be scheduled! University is a major change for everybody and can be even more confusing that starting pre-school. The student is no longer a child, but a young adult and this place is going to play a big part in the student’s future. Go on a tour and learn what the establishment has to offer. Make sure it fits the needs of everybody.

Take either type of tour if possible, the benefits are tremendous and you won’t regret it!