Should Education System allow Teachers Principals Hit Students Misbehaving – No

The education system is designed to teach children the knowledge and skills they will need to achieve as adults. This includes social skills and knowing right from wrong. Hitting as a punishment simply does not teach this lesson. For example, a student misbehaves in class and its struck as a result. Next time the child will not misbehave through fear of being hit again. There is no learning process to define between what is acceptable, or right, and what is wrong. A child should behave not through fear of punishment but because they now what they are doing is wrong. In a lot of cases children who severly misbehave will not have had the vital knowledge of what is right and what is wrong reinforced in their home lives. It is therefore the responsibility of the education system to lay ground rules for acceptable behaviour and reinforce WHY these distinctions are made.
Of course in another very simplistic way: two wrongs do not make a right. This is a philosophy I firmly believe. Most people believe that hitting is wrong, whether they believe it should be used as a punishment or not – most people know that it is not a good thing to hit somebody. I do not see how striking a student as a result of bad behaviour can be the right thing to do. Hitting is bad behaviour too.
It is important to remember that we are not neanderthals. We have well developed cognitive processes and the capacity to learn and understand a lot. I find it a bit ancient to use hitting as a form of punishment. Why simply strike a student or child when they have the capability of understanding that they must change their behaviour and attitudes.
Vitally the education system should not allow teachers to get to the point, in a classroom, where they feel that they must strike their student. If a student is misbehaving this badly as to even warrant contemplation of physical punishment then the child should not still be in the classroom. When children play-up there is a reason. Whether this reason is simple or deep-rooted humans do not do something for absolutely no reason. I personally believe that an unruly student should be seperated from the class (not permanently – maybe in a detention) and the teacher, or principal, should discuss the childs behaviour with them. An ideal solution would be for the teacher and student to discuss why the behaviour is unacceptable, what punishment would be appropriate, what is expected of this child in the future and what will happen if the student ignores these rules. That is a plan – hitting is not a plan, its an easy fix which frankly does not fix anything.