Should Education System allow Teachers Principals Hit Students Misbehaving – No

“Spanking” and hitting are not, and have never been, effective methods of discipline. If “time out” and “spanking” are the only two consequences you can think of for your child’s behavior, then you should be ashamed of yourself and get thee to a parenting class, quickly. May I suggest you check out the Love and Logic Institute, both for parents and teachers.

I have spent six years in the classroom, teaching. I have dealt with high school students (when I looked like one of them – so there went all my authority in their eyes), primary students, and middle-schoolers. I witnesses two massive, nearly-six-feet tall football players nearly get in a fight in the middle of class, during my student teaching semester. You know what stopped them? The barely four-foot-seven teacher in the room – she got between them, and – alas! – talked to them. She asked one of them to step out into the hall with her, and talked him down. The situation was taken care of right there, and the two boys were fine being in the same classroom the rest of the semester.

Do you really think taking those boys into the principal’s office and spanking them would have had any impact – other than each of the boys punching the principal before he even got a chance to think about laying that paddle on them?

I have dealt with eight- and nine-year-olds, impulsive, young, immature eight- and nine-year-olds. I used various methods to modify their behavior – because I bothered to put effort into it. I read books such as, _How To Talk So Kids Will Listen_ (and its teacher counterpart, _How To Teach So Kids Will Learn_), and _Teaching With Love and Logic_. I thought about the ideas presented in those books, put them to practice, and, oddly enough, they worked. I made the students responsible for their actions, I let them suffer the consequences of their choices, without ever touching a single one of those kids.

Hitting is violent, archaic, and useless. It does not teach a child, or student, anything – other than hate and disrespect for the “authority figures” who must assert their “authority” by asserting their physical prowess… or their illusion of their physical prowess.

Actions have consequences – that is real life. That’s what parents and teachers need to teach their children and their students – don’t “punish.” Punishment just teaches you to not get caught. Consequences teach you to think about your actions.