Should Public School Children Wear Uniforms – Yes

Most definitely yes.

Here’s why.

The cost of clothing for kids is outrageous, just look at what people are paying for a lousy pair of tennis shoes for their kids. Maybe they should include shoes as part of the uniform too.

Let’s face it, mom and dad are going broke buying school clothes for their kids. A new fashion every year that the kid absolutely must have or they will die! How do you think the parents feel that can’t afford this crap? How do their kids feel when they don’t fit in with their friends styles? Lets cut it out.

Schools are constantly complaining they have no money for supplies, so lets fix two problems with one solution.

Make it mandatory that all kids will wear a uniform. Then make it mandatory that the school must sell it to them. Not the normal uniform you think of when you picture school uniforms. There’s no measuring involved. There are only four to five categories of uniform. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XX Large. That’s it.

Now here is what the uniform consists of, and it must be of good quality.

Sweatshirt in school colors with school logo on it.

T-Shirt in school colors with school logo on it.

Pants/skirts can be what ever color or style you want but I would suggest either khaki pants or skirt or a color that matches school’s colors. Personally I prefer khaki because it goes with any color.

The benefits:

Mom and dad don’t have to spend a ton of money on school clothes every year.

The kid no longer has to worry if they will be in style.

Outsiders in the school can be immediately identified.

Develops school spirit.

Good for the environment. You can actually get away with wearing a sweatshirt for several day without washing it, unless you sweat a lot.

The individual school makes money it can then use to buy its own supplies and they can quit hitting mom and dad up for more money or maybe even reduce our school taxes.

The school can change the color theme or logo each year thus forcing mom and dad to buy again each year. Not fair to mom and dad but still cheaper for them in the long run. Example: If school colors are blue and gold make sweatshirt blue one year and gold the next. Alternate each year. Same with the T-Shirt.

The kids get comfortable uniforms and the school gets the money.

As a matter of fact the school could expand this by selling fall and winter coats in the school colors. How about ball caps too., Gloves, hand warmers, scarfs, headbands, the list is endless.

Now don’t ya think mom and dad might just buy themselves a sweatshirt and/or T-Shirt to wear to the school football game or basketball game or soccer game, baseball game. You could alternate these to match the uniform layout of the particular sport so they are all not the same. More choices, more money. And don’t forget grandma and grandpa, they probably would want one two.

I don’t know how many sweatshirts and T-shirts you need to get through the school year but I bet everybody would buy more than one.

See, two problems, one solution.