Should Schools help the Worst Students at the Risk of Dumbing down Curriculum Sacrifice Challenge – best ones

Our school system is in a state of turmoil and flux. There is an educational crisis occurring  in most classrooms today. Classrooms are over crowded and good teachers aren’t being compensated well enough to keep them dedicated in teaching our children. Parent and school officials are asking this question, “Should schools help the worst students at the risk of dumbing down the curriculum or sacrifice these students  to challenge or excel the better students?  Unfortunately, they will have to disregard the “no child left behind” to challenge or excel the better student. 

This topic is hotly debated because all parents want the best for their child. It seems we are in a quagmire and must determine the outcome of any decision that is made” that will directly affect the education of our children. What is the solution to give every child a fair chance at education? Of course, more money is needed to stabilize, an already disabled educational system in our country.Our tax dollars must go directly to the aid of our children and schools. After all, they are our most valuable asset and our future. Aren’t they?

Children are individuals and should be treated as individuals. Children may learn at different paces and this in no way reflects their intelligence or lack of intelligence. Some children excel in math and sciences, while others excel in the arts.  The advancement in technology will help with this dilemma. Yes, computers may act as another teacher in those over crowded classrooms.

Computer technology can guide the teachers in the right direction to help the students that may need more help without sacrificing the better students. Everyone knows if the better students aren’t challenged with their curriculum, they may run the risk of boredom and losing interest in their studies. In order for America to compete on a global level in education, our best students must be challenged to succeed. Dumbing down our curriculum is not a viable option.

Several problems need to be addressed to solve this major problem. It’s no secret, money is at the root of our educational problems. The second issue is that w will have to keep up with the latest technology in order to advance and learn new technology. We are still waiting on the cure for cancer. How to meet and manage our energy crisis and a host of other problems to be solved by an educated work force. It’s clear we need educated people to see us through to the next century. Technically, it’s right around the corner  and we don’t have time to waste ,nor minds to waste.