Should Schools or Parents be in Control of a Childs Education – Parents

A recent case taken on by the Liberty Counsel against a Wisconsin school brings to light the controversy between schools and parents in controlling what children can and cannot be exposed to. The “Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey” was given to a group of classmates. In it were “ten explicit questions about sexual activities,” along with questions about “alcohol, illegal drug use, and suicide.”

According to Allie Martin of’s American Family News Network, one of the fathers had issues with his daughter being exposed to this type of survey. When the school refused to do anything about it, he involved the Liberty Counsel. Their involvement led to a revision of district policy in which parents will be notified prior to surveys and will have the option to pull their child out of school that day.

I would think this would have been the policy in the first place. I would also think the school would be concerned about violating this parent’s rights. Evidently, I think wrong. Schools are becoming bolder in exposing our children to material we consider harmful. You cannot have religion in schools, but you can expose them to explicit sexual questions and use them like lab rats to answer surveys for some ‘scientific’ whatever. I find this hard to believe, but as a teacher, I have seen it myself.

Even though separation of church and state is nowhere in the Constitution, administrators and others have used it as an excuse to get rid of the morally good things in schools. Then, they push an agenda where homosexuality is portrayed as just another harmless choice, and sex is just something we do. They take away the fear of consequences, but, unfortunately, they do not take away the consequences. Sex outside of marriage is not free. There are consequences on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

Parents are the final authority when it comes to their own children, and schools have no right to overstep their boundaries. We are not in Hitler’s Germany; we are in the U.S.A., and we have rights and responsibilities. This behavior from our schools, to expose teens to certain things, assuming they are familiar with it, is irresponsible at best. Parent’s try hard to protect their children from losing their innocence too quickly, and it’s a sad thing when you can’t even trust your school to help with that protection.

As parents, we need to take back our rights to how our children are raised, and what they are exposed to when. If parents like this one will continue to protest when they are violated, we can let our schools know that the children are ours, not theirs, and we get to say what they are exposed to. We, as parents, entrust our children to the school for a period of time in order to give them an education. We do not relinquish our rights as parents, we merely trust the school as we would a babysitter. Maybe that is our mistake. Not all schools are like this, but it is a growing phenomenon, and parents should check all the policies of their children’s schools to make sure safeguards are in place.