Should Sexual Identity be Taught as a course in Schools – No

No, sexual identity should not be taught in schools. It is a parent’s right to be able to teach children their values and beliefs. As a Christian, I feel like that would be violatingmy freedom of religion. Whatever happened to the division of church and state? Because of a select few, we are no longer allowed to post the Ten Commandments in our schools, because it might offend someone else’s beliefs. We can no longer pray in school, because it might offend a non-believer. In some schools, children are no longer allowed to celebrate Christmas or Easter, because it might offend someone else. No matter what anyone says, it ties into a person’s personal beliefs, or religion.      

The topic of sexual identity is a very personal choice, and not something to be aired in a classroom. Kids are cruel. If they got even a hint that somebody might be gay, first they would text everybody they know. Then they would post it on the internet. It would be as bad as the sexting problems we have heard about on the news. Several of those kids committed suicide over the teasing and harassment. Sure, there will be a few kids that will accept it, but the bullies will not let it go. It doesn’t matter what you tell them in the classroom. They will still do what they want once they leave.

Personally, I believe that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible says in Leviticus 18:22 “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind it is an abomination.” I have, however, had gay friends. If they ask my opinion, I told them the truth. A few had their feelings hurt, and I’m sorry for that. It wouldn’t be right to lie about it. I am not here as their judge. That is between them and God. The Bible also says in Matthew 7:1 “Judge not lest ye be judged.” We will all have to face our Maker someday and be judged for our own sins.

To teach sexual identity classes in school can also cause “suspect gays” to be in more danger of hate crimes. Hate crimes in the United States went up 13% last year. About 50% of known survivors don’t even call the police. There were 27 murders in 2010 of gays in the U.S. Most victims are raped or tortured, stabbed repeatedly, and mutilated. People that commit crimes against gay people often try to justify their crimes, by saying that gays are immoral. Jesus said in John 8:7 “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Some of the people convicted for murdering gays last year were teenagers. Teaching a class about sexual identityy in public schools won’t solve any problems faced by gays. It will just make them worse.

As a mother, I know I would love my children no matter what they did or what they became. I’m sure most people feel the same way. If a child is having a problem of any kind, and feel like they cannot talk to their parents about it, then they should be able to talk to a guidance councilor’s about it in private. Pass out brochures telling kids they can go talk to the guidance councilor’s about any problems they might be having in their life. But please, keep it out of our children’s classrooms.