Should we Switch to a four Day School Week

Some people have suggested making school days longer but only four days a week. Although this can be tempting, there are many drawbacks to such an idea. These can affect students, teachers and families.

Many children have difficulty keeping their attention span during the class length as it is. It can be difficult to sit and listen to a teach speak for hours a day. Adding hours to the day can make it even more difficult on the children. The children may have trouble focusing and not absorb as much of the material.

Another problem is the fact that working parents will have to find something for their children to do that one day a week. Young children such as elementary school students should not spend the day home alone. Many parents wouldn’t feel comfortable with their children alone. They may have to pay for a daycare for that one day a week, which many people cannot afford. Even if the children are old enough to be home, they may have nothing to do for the entire day.

Longer school days would play havoc on after school activities as well as after school jobs. If the school day were any longer, then children would be done at approximately dinner time. They may not have the time to do important clubs and groups such as the math club, drama club, etc. Many of these programs might not be around any longer as children rush home to eat dinner and then do their homework. It would also interfere with night programs such as the sports kids play in the evenings after dinner. If they do not have the time to do their homework after school, then parents may be forced to take them out of these programs.

Longer school days also cut into family time in the evenings. Many people enjoy spending those evenings with their children. If they work the fifth day then it will not be made up even if the total amount of time in school is the same.

Having a three day weekend every week may also not be great for student learning. When students are learning a difficult concept it is best to practice it as much as possible. The children may start to lose a little every weekend.

You will also have to put five days worth of work into those four days. They will end up with more tests on the same day as everything is compacted. This can make everything more difficult, especially for the older students.

A four day school week does not make sense.  There are many negatives to having the a longer school day and the benefits do not make up for it. A five day week is much more beneficial.