Students and Cell Phones – Yes

Should Students have Cell Phones in School?

My initial reaction to this question was a HUGE NO. After much dialog with fellow educators I have come upon a revelation in my thinking about this issue. 

I am not saying to open the flood gates, meaning not to exercise any control over cell phone use. What I can envision is that this is something we need to address in the educational environment. My primary thought is that if we say no then we are opening the doors to activities that could be harmful to the educational system and very dangerous for our students.

Try to imagine all the new concepts and ideas that have been developed on over the last two hundred years. Think about how new things were thought of when they were first introduced. The automobile, the airplane, the telephone, the electric light bulb, washing machine, outer space travel, the transitions of music, atomic bomb, nuclear power, CD’s, DVD’s, the walkman, the computer, the cell phone. Where would we be if we followed the opinion of many who were negative to these inventions and new ways of doing things? Yes, there will be some issues both pleasant and not so pleasant. Just like all the pervious inventions were not accepted initially now we can’t live without them.

We need to exercise common sense in deciding if allowing students the opportunity to venture into this unknown territory. If we say no, what we are doing is allowing the negative concepts to rule. When something is taboo doesn’t it encourage the application of uses that are not fundamentally correct? We must embrace the technology and establish guidelines and procedures that allow the use and protect the students from inappropriate activities. Technology is not going to slow down. Technology is rapidly changing the world. I want to say only one word to support this statement EGYPT!

We need to TEACH our students the proper way and instill the values of honesty, respect, compassion and understanding. Children need to be taught the differences between right and wrong and we need to enforce these ideas and concepts at all times. Good will win only if we embrace it. We need to provide the knowledge and information to our students so that they make correct decisions.