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Blogging has become as popular as social networks, especially because there is a real sense of “meat” to the entries. People do not just babble as many of them do, on a site or variation of a blog, such as Twitter. Blogging is supposed to have a purpose, but sometimes I want to tell people to spare me the details! Blogging means something different to different people, but the intentions in which blogs are used are important, especially if one is a professional.

Because of their source or variation, people are creating their own view of blogs; here is a snippet of what you might be interested in, if you are in education, and they are on an independent stage, for you to choose what will work best for you!

http://anonteacherblog.blogspot.com/ This is an anonymous blog where there are offshoots from this page. Anonymity is important and various blogs from other states can be found from this page, posted on the right hand side of the page. The Anonymous Teacher Blog was started, it appears, by a third grade teacher, writing in such a way that it presents itself as if she is journaling, a bit different from writing a diary.

http://teacherlingo.com/blogs/teachers.aspx: This is one of the best teacher blogs I have come across. While it is a place to vent, it is also an area where discretion and professionalism remain intact. There are various blogs on the Internet, and many of them stand alone. “Teacher Lingo” is a blog where anyone can have their own mini blog.

Lesson plans and message boards are available as well as an area where parents can blog. While teachers can vent as if to an ombudsman, the anonymity is prevalent in many areas, and they are cognizant that not only parents can read their posts but also that they are on the World Wide Web, where the globe can read it all. Many of the teachers add humor to the daily occurrences and parents get to see what teachers go through in their daily life.

Teacher Vision, http://blog.teachervision.fen.com/, also has a wonderful teacher blog! They are set up almost as mini web pages, where lessons, examples and samples can be displayed. Only first names are available, so no one knows what district, school, or state, that teacher is writing about. Teacher Vision has become synonymous with “core curriculum content standards” and is a trusted site.Enjoy hunting and search for the perfect blog. Many people do not even know where to find them. Keywords work the best!