Teacher Website Review Teacherwebsitecom

Teacher website review: Teacherwebsite.com

Teacherwebsite.com is an interesting website for teachers. It is user friendly and provides some nice links and resources. The best part of this website is the ability to develop your own free teacher website in a very easy manner.

Free Website

There are four types of free websites that you can choose from that offer different amenities:

1) free site
2) no advertising
3) announcements,calendar, and custom graphics
4) all of number 3 plus custom colors, premium libraries, no ads, and custom pages.

All teacher websites created at Teacherwebsite.com remain the property of Teacherwebsite.com. They however look easy to set up and can save valuable teacher time.


Adding to the usefulness of Teacherwebsite.com is their sister website, ClassHomework.com. Here students can access their teacher’s website for homework and other important classroom information.

Mission Statement

Teacherwebsite.com has a mission statement which is “Connecting Teachers, Students, and Parents through Technology.”

Front Page

This site is a bit advertisement bound but does offer a CNN.com news feed right on the front page making it easy for a teacher to get the most recent and important news. Getting the news upfront is great for busy teachers who need to know what is going on in the world in order to be knowledgeable and professional.

The front page offers links to

* resources
* virtual trade shows

Virtual trade shows is a unique link that offers information on

* associations
* continuing education
* education tours and travel
* educational materials
* fundraising
* misc. organizations
* publishing and printing
* resources
* school products
* teaching jobs

Teachers need a broad base of information regarding their profession and in these links a teacher can find a multitude of information.

As an example, the continuing education link offers

* The Center for Learning Connections
* Education Performance Systems
* Walden University

Teachers always need educational materials and information about fundraising and these links can provide the most appropriate tools and ideas needed.

The teacher resource links take you to many different websites that offer information on teaching subjects and other important aspects of teaching. Many of the subject areas offer free lessons. These would be great for the homeschool parent/teacher or for ideas for classroom teachers. Besides subject areas there are links to websites for information on

* academic competition
* debate
* lesson plans
* news
* puzzles
* teacher organizations

The foreign language links are excellent with links to websites of many different languages that offer free language lessons. These would be good for the homeschool parent/teacher, but also good for a classroom teacher to see how other classes are teaching language, or to just supplement the class with a free teaching site for their students.

A few links take you to the same place such as lesson plans takes you to subject areas and there may or may not be lesson plans in all these subject areas.

Overall this is a nice site that is developing. Their “about us” page states that they are bringing more technology to the site, indicating that they are still working at improving and building their site.

Any teacher can make life and teaching a little easier by utilizing this site especially for the free teacher website and language acquisition. Most teachers especially the beginning teacher or homeschool parent/teacher would find something important to their teaching career at Teacherwebsite.com