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TeacherWebsite.com is a free, user-friendly, quick-and-easy resource for elementary school teachers. Produced by the Merlino family, this is the partner site to ClassHomework.com, which is an internet portal for students.

One of the big advantages of TeacherWebsite.com is its friendly nature. A teacher with little to no Internet experience or expertise will be able to rapidly navigate the site, access resources and create a web page.

TeacherWebsite.com offers a free website page to users in one of four designs. Internet advertising runs on all sites but for an additional $6, ads will be removed. The templates resemble the websites offered by various Internet vendors or blog pages. Users have a choice of two or three column layout in minimal color schemes and options for text, announcements, links and images. The sample websites are pre-designed with fixed elements. These include a header, “From the Desk of,” “Class Schedule,” “Announcements,” and a Google search feature. An additional text column can be added to provide details or notes.

The website templates will appeal to instructors who want a web presence for their students without a lot of bother. In this way, TeacherWebsite acts as a teacher aid and an online student resource.

The site is divided into several sections. The Links for Teachers area is the one with the most substance. This is a compilation of website links in various instructional disciplines from Business, Health and Math to Debate, Foreign Language and Language Arts. Resources for Lesson Plans and Puzzles are also present.

The Virtual Trade Show section is a weak element with just five organizations represented. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Middle School Association are the only ones which are directly education-related. There is also a Testimonial section.

The About Us page reveals the developers of TeacherWebsite.com, and surprisingly, none of the four individuals of the Merlino family are teachers. Three of the four identities are in the mortgage industry. The fourth, who is the website developer, is a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician.

This lack of teacher identification and the fact that TeacherWebsite.com is laden with advertising calls into question the legitimacy of the site. No credentialing is needed by users, so anybody can set-up a site and claim an identity as a teacher.

Even if this is a purely commercial enterprise for the Merlino family, the free web pages and Teacher Links at TeacherWebsite.com are valuable tools for teachers.