The best Back to School Gadgets

Everyone is computerized these days, and although laptops don’t really count as gadgets, by their very nature, there are gadgets which can help the back-to-school student to be a cut above the rest when it comes to practicality. Gadgets which help a student and the security of their equipment are essential in a day and age when everything costs so much for parents. Imagine the disappointment of having expensive items stolen, and some of the gadgets listed here not only protect valuable gear but help a student to have the items available that they will need.

~Protection of the computer.

A locked computer is of little use to anyone else. Although you can have passwords to stop people getting into a computer, one of the best gadgets to have is a laptop lock. These work similar to bicycle locks and have a fixed chain attachment, meaning that even if the student has to leave their notebook or laptop for just a few minutes, they have the security of knowing no-one can pinch it. Notebook locks are worth the investment.

~Accessories to aid the student.

How often has the student had no access to information simply because they forgot to carry some kind of portable media device. This is a suggestion for all price ranges, since the student can have a portable plug in media storage drive, or a simple flash drive. These devices mean that the student is able to store valuable information to take home for homework assignments. This is also a great place to store passwords, and for this use, the secured flash drives are the best kind to have.


A simple memory stick is also a great choice for a student because of its portability and ease of use.

A USB hub is another gadget that saves the student time and makes information available. This allows them to interface with computers even though the USB connection devices may be limited. When working with college computers, this ensures that they are able to connect their vital items rather than depending upon the PC having the right amount of USB ports. This helps the student as well because they don’t have to mess around with cables to get their portable device connected.

~Portable Power.

How often does the Blackberry battery die? Or the cell phone go dead? Busy students don’t always have the time to think about these things. A neat gadget from Ecosol is a power stick. This comes with various fittings to suit the hardware it intends to power up. Depending upon solar power, the advantage of this system is that it doesn’t require plugs. This means that the student on the move can power up their cell phone easily. After all, what street credibility will that new phone give the student who doesn’t remember to charge their phone?


~Smooth running.

Ever wonder why laptops get so hot. A portable laptop cooler is a great idea. It may look mundane and not be a technically impressive gadget, though how impressive is it when a laptop overheats? Thermapak heat pads tuck away easily in the laptop case and mean that portable protection from overheating is provided.

For a smoother look to impress friends and do the same thing, try illuminated laptop coolers which use the USB connector for their function. Slimline and easy to carry, these are impressive.


~An aid to using laptops.

How many times is the student presented with lighting which isn’t good enough to see the keyboard on a laptop? One small gadget which helps a student to get over this problem is a FlyLight. These use a USB and are neatly housed above the screen of the laptop so that all the keys are illuminated. It’s a simple concept, though one which is extremely effective.


Another nice kit for the student which allows them to see their laptop features more clearly the Sharper Image Laptop Essentials Kit, which carries all the gadgets needed to help make laptops and notebooks easier to use.


~Aide memoir.

A digital voice recorder helps a student to take notes quickly. This can be used as a prompt for homework projects and can cost from as little as $14 through to $200. Imagine the power of being able to capture information instantly. These gadgets neatly fit into the student’s pocket and can be at the ready as time requires.

Technology has come up with many solutions for students which don’t have to cost the earth. When you think of the value of expensive equipment, these tools help the user to stay safe and to get maximum benefit from their portable devices. They are worthwhile investing in because instead of just being gadgets which have little or no value, each has a use which is practical and trustworthy. The student needs these kinds of gadgets to benefit from their technology while away from the home environment and with a little thought, those back to school gadgets can be items the student learns to use on a regular basis and to treasure.