The Educational value of Reciting Poetry

Reciting poetry is just as important in the academic setting as reading poetry. Poetry, just like music, is about the sound and it is meant to be read aloud in most cases to really appreciate the literary value.

Reading poetry aloud allows the listeners to develop a greater appreciation of sound devices. When a poem is recited aloud it allows the reader to hear the use of rhyme, rhythm and alliteration better than simply reading the poem on paper. Often it will allow students to hear and understand examples of assonance and consonance as well.

Reading comprehension improves when oral reading is part of the lesson, regardless of the literature. Poetry comprehension is benefitted by the oral aspect of recitation. The person reciting the poem can emphasize words with volume, rate, pauses, and many other performance options to enhance the meaning.

Having students recite poetry improves the ability of the student to read with expression. Poetry provides teachers the opportunity to enhance oral reading abilities. By using a smaller piece of writing to work on oral presentation skills, students can concentrate on areas such as volume, rate and pitch, and they become better oral readers.

With recitation of poetry, students gain an appreciation of the poetry genre. Often students find poetry to be stuffy and unapproachable, and they would not choose to read it on their own. By reciting poetry in class, students develop more confidence when reading poetry independently. The students may increase their appreciation for particular poets as well.

Students gain confidence for when they are required to do recitation in other public settings. Students who have experience with recitation of poetry are often more likely to volunteer to complete recitations in church, clubs and other pubic venues.

Recitation of poetry improves vocabulary of students. The auditory component of recitation of poetry allows language to engrain itself in the student’s knowledge. Ruby Payne, a top expert in the area of poverty, establishes that students in poverty hear fewer words than students that come from more affluent backgrounds. Listening to other students recite poetry helps those children by increasing exposure to vocabulary.

Reciting poetry can be fun for students. Imitating the rap culture, students can have other students make background noises while they recite poetry. The recitation of poetry can be made into a special occasion by the teacher, which makes students enthusiastic about the experience.

Poetry recitation should be a part of the classroom from early elementary school on up to higher education. Poetry is an art form that enhances the educational experience when it is recited.